How it works

If you're working to a tight deadline it is best to call me before sending me your work.  I am happy to work to tight deadlines and can often return short pieces (up to 10,000 words) within 24 hours. 

When I receive your work I will mark all of the changes on it using the 'track changes' function of MS Word and I may also make comments in the margin. 

I am aware that some universities in the UK have guidelines on the use of proofreaders and, where applicable, I always work with clients to ensure that the service I am providing adheres to those guidelines. 

For short assignments (10,000 words or less) I ask for payment before I start the work. For longer projects I ask for a deposit (if the work is to be done all in one go) or payment in instalments (if I am working on a thesis or book chapter by chapter).

I accept payment by bank transfer or Paypal.